Just then, when it lit
This empty light
It approached to me
The bright shine

Look for me under a chair
Inside a locked cupboard
Under a rainy Sun
Breaking under the burden of Night

Look at the shadows of the
Dancing shadows on the bottom
Light's gleam through the glass
Red and golden waves
Can you see?
In the way as I do it

When there's nothing what shines
Even the light doesn't light
When the time is running slow
I run like a shadow

I turn the light above my bed
Come closer, touch my hand
Your dream
When I can't feel anything

Turn the Moon off
Take a match
As you enter
The wreckship where I hide

Look for me under a sink
Catching the drops of sleep
Killing the Moonlight
Gluing my hands with the stars

Look, there's a bird that
Falls down killed by a steel splinter
Radiance of the day
Catches me - no place for me
Into the ground - I run away