Soon the Winter comes
Flowers stopped to bloom
Through my body's warmth
The Beast in me will call

Nights go longer now
As cold runs my heart
Nature gives me signs
The Beast from me will rise

I don't know how and I don't know why
I have to rearrange my mind
To make the space for the Mighty One
I don't know who I will become this time

Soon my thoughts will change
It claims for revenge
Dancing on the verge
The Beast from me will hatch

Oh, I've sold my soul
To feel something more
Wicked me will crawl
The Beast will take control

I believe in this but it's not my faith
The Beast grows stronger everyday
The pregnancy I can't abort
It dwells in my mind and soul

"Sleep, sleep safe my child"
The Monster whispers from inside
"I need your body once again
I'll make you will not die this time"

I don't know why and I don't know if
It is my child or a parasite
I have no choice I must obey
But It tells me I'm its God

2000.10.16, 11.02