The first night:

I admired the majesty of Angkor Wat
With a tattoo princess of Bangkok Knights
Then I played live on the big stage
On my band's tour to the Far East

The first day:

I visited my parents graves
I watched wildlife on TV for a while
I played an old song on my old keyboard
I sent a message via e-mail

The second night:

I was with a woman in our bed
What we were doing no words can tell
From our house we got to our Jeep
We travelled through forests and swam in a sea

The second day:

I talked to a woman in a shop
She told me that I must pay some more
I rode my bike to the nearest park
I rolled the curtains and laid myself back

The third night:

I dreamed that I had a son
He was studying medicine
I also had a pretty wife
She was the light of my life

The last day:

I woke up, smoked a cigarette
I took all my sleeping sweets
And said to a picture above the bed
"Let the dream never end"

Days are meaningless
Days are meaningless
Days are meaningless
Or I haven't learned to kill yet