Submitted by Keith Buttry on 2010-11-29.
This Anthurium is thought to have been purchased in the trade in the last 5-6 years in South Florida.
It is roughly 4.5'/ 1.5 meters overall height. The leaves are ~30''X17''/ 76cmx43cm.
It may have been sold as A. daguense.

ID submitted

 Denis Rotolante 
 It looks like a hybrid between A. watermaliense and a Pachyneurium (birdnest type) Anthurium.
You can see that the plant is confused and is trying to produce lobes at leaf base like
A. watermaliense on the lobe-less base of the birdsnest type leaf.
The flower spathe is showing dark color of A watermaliense
and the light color of the Pachyneurium parent.
Hybrids of this type are common in South Florida since fruit flies are not consistant
in distributing the various pollen that they pick up from the male flowers
only to the female spadices of the same species.
Hybrids using A. watermaliense and narrow pendant leafed Pachyneurium
with extra long leaves have been made for quite a while with spectactular results.

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