Submitted by James Miller on 2012-05-10
this Anthurium is from the Cascade garden at Longwood Gardens.
The inflorescence is particularly outstanding being nearly a 1 ft. in length and with a purple to black colored spadix.
Leaf Length: 3ft, 90cm, Leaf Width: 1.5ft, 42.5cm, Petiole: 14 inches to 2 ft, 35cm to 60cm.
Spathe 9 to 11 inches, 22.5cm-27.5, Spadix 10 to inches, 25cm to 30cm.

ID submitted

 Denis Rotolante 
This appears to be a hybrid between A. watermaliense
and one of the Pachyneurium birdnest type Anthurium species.
Note the dark colored spathes of the watermaliense
breeding thru in this plant and the folded leaf base on leaves.

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