Syngonium auritum

(L.) Schott 1829

This species is native to Cuba & Jamaica.

An adult plant, photo (1-2) © William Wissler.
Juvenile leaves.
The white latex is a generic feature of Syngonium.
The leaves are usually 3- (rarely 5-) sect. Juvenile leaves have only two small "ears".
It can grow hanging down, but then
the new leaves will not be bigger than previous.
photo © Paweł Słomczyński, Kwietnik
The inflorescence
in the Botanical Garden in Warsaw.
photo © Wieslaw Gawryś, Kwietnik
See also a juvenile leaf in the "Leaves" page.
Tropicos: Syngonium auritum
CATE Araceae: Syngonium auritum
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