ZX Spectrum ULA plus games - the third youth of ZX Spectrum

ACTION FORCE 2 (ULA plus 2 palettes, trainer, music in intro and in game)
v. 2012-03-18

ARKANOID (ULA plus, trainer for 128 & 48 versions + mouse version - no trainer)
v. 2012-02-22

BOMB JACK (ULA plus, trainer)
v. 2013-01-16

COMMANDO (ULA plus, trainer, AY music on 128k)
v. 2012-02-27

CYBERNOID (ULA plus, trainer)
v. 2015-03-28

CYBERNOID 2 (ULA plus, cheat code, intro AY music, AY or beeper sound selection)
v. 2012-04-06

DAN DARE 2 (ULA plus 2 colour schemes, trainer, SU Edition included - no trainer)
v. 2012-05-08

DAN DARE 3 (ULA plus, trainer, in-intro music)
v. 2012-07-03

DARK FUSION (ULA plus, trainer, intro with AY music from Amstrad)
v. 2012-04-27 - TZX only

DEATHCHASE (ULA plus, trainer, in-game music, 48k version only)
v. 2012-08-10

TZX beta v. 2013-08-26

FLYING SHARK (ULA plus, colour selector, trainer, mouse control option)
v. 2012-02-24

LIGHTFORCE (ULA plus, trainer, music in intro)
v. 2012-11-06

RICK DANGEROUS (ULA plus, trainer, music in intro)
TZX TAP v. 2012-04-02

R-TYPE (ULA plus, trainer)
v. 2012-03-07

SAVAGE (ULA plus, trainer, all parts in one, gigascreen intro)
v. 2012-03-04

TERRA CRESTA (ULA plus, trainer, music in intro)
v. 2012-03-29

ZYNAPS (auto ULA plus detection, 24-colour screen, trainer, music in intro, mouse control option, AY sound version)
TZX TAP v. 2013-07-24


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