The AY Great Original Resource
                                 Welcome to the ultimate compilation of original music in the .ay format.     This music was composed for 8-bit computers - ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, SAM Coupé and related.      It has been converted to the standarized .ay format.      AY files contain executable code for the Zilog Z80 processor, they are neither register dumps of a soundchip nor tracker data. The files can be created from any Z80 code that controls sound generated by various sound sources. The most common are music files for AY 3-891x soundchip and ULA multipurpose chip, known as beeper. The .ay standard is being developed to support more platforms with Z80 as CPU or APU, more soundchips and various configurations.    Download the AYGOR archive and listen to the music in the recommended players.    

 Who is Aygor? Certainly not you, not even me.
Anyway we all know he likes chips... He is an orchestra.
  download the compilation 202007 12.2 MB .zip  
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 His musical Spectrum is extremely broad. Aygor likes classical music
as well as techno, metal and country, but he scorns the mp3 quality.
He listens to the original music in these record players:

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