EP recorded 2011-12

1. Love at the First Beep
Music by Abrimaal
composed and recorded in 2012
2. Enjoy the Silence
Original music and lyrics by Martin L. Gore,
© Depeche Mode, © Mute Records 1990
This music recorded by 4Mat
Remix and vocals performed by Abrimaal in 2012
3. Goldburner
Original music composed by Rob Hubbard
as "Goldrunner", known also as "Human Race track 4"
© Microdeal, © Mastertronic 1986
This music recorded by Fash FD FOFT
Lyrics written by Abrimaal in 2005
Vocals performed and recorded by Abrimaal in 2012
4. RoboCopy
Original music composed by Jonathan Dunn
as "RoboCop" © Ocean Software 1987
Cover version recorded by Abrimaal in 2003
5. The NeverEnding Story
Original Music composed by G. Moroder and K. Forsey © EMI 1984
This music recorded by Norbert Kowalski
Vocals performed and recorded by Abrimaal in 2012
6. YouTuber Comedy Week
Composed from randomly found samples.
Released for YouTube Comedy Week
when all the files seemed to be deleted
nowhere to login, find your profile
This was not funny.