Revealed is my body
Discovered my wounds
My all wounds and scars
Deep inside of the mind

Where have you taken me?
What have you done to me?
Is this "where I always
wanted to be"?

Alpha, Beta, Gamma
A neverending drama
Niedomknięta brama

Inguz, Dagaz, Odila
Choć to tylko chwila
Oneira, Vampyra

Six, Seven, Eight
Zain, Cheth, Thet
I feel like a dead

Black, silver, red
Niezgaszony pet
The rules have been set

Take me to your bed

Misplaced is my heart
Revalued my mind
My skin is all torn
I breathe in this dust

Where have you taken me?
What have I agreed to see?
Complicated lives of mortals
Who I'll never be

Who I've never wanted to be
Pale, soulless and worn
No one of mortals
Can ever touch me

This long corridor
Leaves scars on my feet
I have forgotten
What the word "day" mean

Fyra, fem, sex
Grey bones on a stake
Please take me back

Back to the dead