Let's descend to the lower subconsciousness
May your words awaken a human in me
Let them make me finish what I have left
For better times, for your pure belief

Ashen is my Book of Shadows
I just can't remember when
I walked through that blooming meadow
With a cherry wine and a pen

The Sun did lighten my lonely walk
Far and further into misty swamps
Alone I moved with a word as a sword
Where the dumb prayed in masks

They were chained and thirsty
Burdensome and seminude
Then me, a naive young poet
Took a step never to return

I was so clean and hopeful
I thought I could ease their suffering
I saw them laugh without a sound
But it seemed like thousand thunders

One of these polluted beings
Looked like not fully drained
From human emotions and feelings
With a dose of abhorrence
Nevertheless, the curiosity
Timidly I seized a frozen hand
But the ground was too sticky
And my diary became stained

This one rolled the chain around me
Stuck a hook in my once kissed neck
I can't tell how many years
I was sinking face to face in a mask

We were chained together
Immobile and desolate
Then me, a desperate old man
Began to cry just to return

But this was impossible
I lost drowned

Come to me
Into the blackest, static sea
Come my Icess
Come and drown with me

Dedicated to the most sophisticated erotic Nightmare