Everywhere you come
The Queen of Serotonin
Sexuality and Courage
Of Beauty, Lust and Art

Me - a desert yearns for drops
Instead of constant storms
The Earth I dwell is too hard
To be even a burial ground

Oh, forgive me that I can't follow you
Art is everything that you do
Oh, believe me, we could be Gods
Twelve tears forever lost

Every Night my dreams wander
Through the curves of your Art
At the Dawn I have to leave
From your spring to my hermit’s hut

Sorgsen men sant, död är mitt land
Jag är den nedslagen vargen
Som te levar i stengârden av skallar
Vitskallar av mina vänner

Oh, those twelve years made me so old
Young is everything that you do
My coevals are skeletons now
What to do? Är det tid att dö?