I have seen many pictures
I tried to remember the best that I could
I translated them into my language
And I hid them in the mirror of memories

This was our world and the wall between us
By one side there was I, by the other I
In isolation the Moon was brighter than Sunlight

Could not see my face, the illusion didn't stop
I saw that we were here before
Torn apart by the world it was me and I

I felt old as I looked at myself
I covered the mirror with a silky cloth
I felt I became too old
Just a pale man running cold
I realized how weak I have grown
Sitting quietly it seemed like turning around
Invisible things that looked like sounds
Screwing into the head and burning aloud

I took the dusty cloth to look backwards
I saw misty landscapes like a view from a train
I went closer to the mirror I stared a long time
Until I realized there was no me inside

Now I see my face, though the mirror broke
I see that I've been here before
I became the world, I will die no more