Submitted by William Wissler on 2011-01-13.
This plant forms tight clumps, and has leaves similar to Ph. radiatum, Ph. xanadu etc.
The largest leaves are coming out 40 cm (18") long. Leaves are more pointed towards the end than radiatum.
It is not a Meconostigma, the clumps it forms are not like xanadu with multiple stems,
this plant just clumps up and spreads from the base which gets hairy with old leaf covers (cataphylls).

ID submitted
2012-06-08 mxj  Philodendron mayoi
2012-06-06 D. Penc  Philodendron pinnatifidum
2012-06-09 M. Pascall  Philodendron 'Orchid Jungle' 
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