submitted by Ferenc Lengyel on April 20, 2009
This plant was submitted as the "Schönbunner Hybrid",
We already know that the name refers to Syngonium chiapense,
but we don't know if this plant is the same species.

The upper side of the older leaves is dark green, the lower side is lighter green.
The younger leaves are bicolorous with darker and lighter green areas as if it would have been sick, but it is not the case.
As the leaves mature, the upper surface becomes uniformly dark green.
The leaves are about as large as a man's hand (about 18 cm x 11 cm).
It hasn't flowered for me, so I can't say anything about the inflorescence.

ID submitted
2009-04/05 Aroid-L discussion   S. macrophyllum or S. chiapense
Too young to determine.

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