Submitted by Daniel Devor on 2011-02-02

I have been fortunate enough to have another Dracontium bloom and I was hoping for an ID from the experts.
This one is supposedly a native of Brasil which would seem to narrow it down quite a bit, but honestly,
I can not be certain of that claim just because it originally came from there!
As you can see, this one has produced a lot of offsets from the the main tuber without me making any attempt to remove them.
I suppose the question is, have they fused to the main tuber or are they free from momma so they can eventually be potted up separately.
I hope the "naughty bits" will give a clear ID on this one
so I can tag it as something besides "Dracontium sp. Brasil #1".

ID submitted
2011-02-16 Michael Pascall Dracontium nivosum maybe?

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