Submitted by Daniel Devor on 2010-10-09

I've just been fortunate to have a lovely Dracontium bloom that I got from a fantastic person earlier this spring
and I wanted to share and try to get a positive ID if possible.
My notes say that this was originally collected in Peru,
but sometimes my notes are not all that wonderful to be perfectly honest!

As you can see, the spathe is wonderfully colored and mottled, the petioles are present at blooming
(the one emerged at the same time as the influorescence) and have fairly large "thorns" compared to my other species.
It is 20 inches (~51 cm) from the soil to the base of the spathe and the spathe itself is 12 inches (~30 cm) tall.
The spadix itself is very small and if need be, I will try to get a picture for an ID.

ID submitted
2010-10-21 Tom Croat Dracontium aff. spruceanum

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