Submitted by John Criswick on 2009-12-25
I bought the Dieffenbachia in Jatujak Market, Bangkok.
This specimen is growing in a 6 inch pot and that is a medium-sized dog.

ID submitted
2009-12-25 M. Argent It can be 'Mars' or 'Exotica'
depending on the actual pattern colour,
'Mars' has yellow pattern, 'Exotica' is pale green.

(A fragment of discussion): 'Mary' is a funny name to give a Dieffenbachia cv.
It is not glamorous or likely to promote sales, so I suggest that 'Mary' is a typo for 'Mars' that has got preserved.

Marek Argent: I can add that the breeders' names sometimes vary from the trade names
For example: a cultivar of Alocasia 'Poly' was named so, because it is a polyploid,
but in shops this cultivar is sold as 'Polly'.

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