Submitted by Windy Aubrey on January 29, 2008
I bought this Anthurium at a local nursery some time ago with the tag labeled Anthurium rzedowskii.
The nursery had it out in bright light and it was really suffering with scorched blades and dry conditions.
It took years to bring it back, but now it seems happier.
It has been a very slow grower only producing a few new blades each year.
It seems to like moister conditions and lower light.
I'm not sure if it was labeled correctly and was wondering if anyone could tell me
if they have this in their collection and if the name is correct, or what the name might be.
It is unlike any other Anthurium we have, specially with it's fibrous trunk.
Also, the way the petioles do not break off easily
when the blades grow old and fade, but must be cut to be removed.

ID submitted
Eduardo Gonçalves
Anthurium hatschbachii; Southern Brazil (Paraná state)
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