Submitted by Waichee Ng, on August 16, 2005.
on forest floor, shady area.
Leaves : arising singly from the top of the tuber, reddish dark purple; 3 lobed, the middle lobe consists of 3 leaflets,
side lobe consists of 2 leaflets;
Leaflets narrow elliptic to oblanceolate, apex acuminate, base attenuate, margin slightly undulate;
Primary lateral veins of ultimate lobes pinnate, forming distinct submarginal collective vein, midrib maroone colour;
about 8.2cm - 9.0cm long, 1.7cm - 2.2cm wide.
Petioles: reddish colour, dark purple mottled.
Tuber: rounded, about 1cm long in cross section.

Wilbert Hetterscheid wrote on 2007-10-11:

It depends on where it was found:
West Malaysia = A. sparsiflorus or A. bufo; East Malaysia: A. pendulus or A. angulatus.

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