submitted by Marek Argent, on July 28, 2006
I got it as S. hoffmannii, but I think it's not this species, comparing to other photos on the web.

ID submitted

González Alberto
Syngonium podophyllum

Now I'd like to know the cultivar's name.

The leaves are highly variable. Below: photos showing their variability.
All photos show the same specimen.
A small leaf from an offset from the ground.
First leaf from a shortened stem
has usually more distinct white venation.
A leaf of a plant growing in poor light conditions.
A typical, adolescent leaf.
After a few years the leaves become trisect.
And they lose the white venation.
My plant in October 2003. All new leaves are
trisect and entirely green.
Leaves of my plant in 2004.
The stem easily roots in the stake.
Yet another photo of the leaf
taken in December of 2004
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