submitted by Marek Argent, on August 3, 2007
I got one seed in 2004. It was a juvenile plant
I'd like to know the name of this species.
I got it as A. giganteus but does such name exist?


The seed didn't put any leaf in 2004.
The grid is 0.5 cm.


It germinated in May 2005
The first leaf was about 6 cm (2.5'') long


The underground part after the first season.
The leaf was a little larger but still not divided.


The first tripartite leaf it put in May 2007.
My lovely kitty ate the first leaf, so the plant produced a second one in the middle of July. It was 24 cm (~10'') tall and 15 cm (6 '') long.
The center of the leaf.
The petiole.


The tuber was 2 cm in diameter (2008-02-24)
It started to grow on 2008-04-15
2008-05-02 - the leaf was still unfolding.
2008-05-25. The leaf fully unfolded. It was 38 cm tall.
Details of the leaf.
Rozmiar: 62222 bajtów
The dead (dried) tuber in winter of 2009, it was 35 mm in diameter.

My plant died in 2009, below there are additional photos of a plant grown from the same seeds,
which also died without blooming.
Photos below © Bartosz Zalewski

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