Monstera adansonii

Schott 1830

This species variable, its synonym is M. friedrichsthalii.
This plant should climb or grow on a stake, otherwise it produces leafless stems.

A leaf with a blade about 25 cm long.
photo (1-4) © Taylor Holzer
Even 10 cm long leaf blades are already perforated.
The abaxial surface.
A plant at the Denver Botanic Garden.
photo © Katarzyna Górnisiewicz, 2008
The adult leaf blades can be 60 cm or longer.
photos (1-5) © Bartosz T. Zalewski
photo © Karen Packer
M. adansonii var. klotzschiana, photo (1-3) © Marcus Nadruz
A photo from a book, as M. friedrichsthalii
photo © Edward Kawecki
M. adansonii drawings, named Dracontium pertusum

The IAS: Monstera adansonii
Exotic Rainforest: Monstera adansonii
Tropicos: Monstera adansonii
CATE Araceae: Monstera adansonii
Plants of Hawaii: Monstera friedrichsthalii
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