Arum concinnatum

Schott 1857

A big and variable species. It is native to Greece and Turkey. It belongs to the section Arum.

Each year a different inflorescence. Once it was more pink, other year it was almost green.
And the appendix - it equaled the spathe or it was much shorter.
At home it blooms from March to May.
A young leaf grown outdoors (left) and an adult one grown at home (right).
The lower part of petioles is brown.
The rhizome of Arum concinnatum.
Leaves stay green during winter.
The inflorescence in the photo above and various leaves below don't belong to this plant.
photo (1-10) © Stavros Apostolou

The IAS: Arum concinnatum
Tropicos: Arum concinnatum
CATE Araceae: Arum concinnatum

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